Five Summer Stories [DVD]

Filmed in 16mm—Feature Documentary—92 minutes 


Perhaps the most successful 16mm-released sports film ever made, FivE summEr storiEs also became a cult-film classic because of its avant-garde photographic and editing style and its controversial tone. Financed, produced, directed, photographed and distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films, FivE summEr storiEs played in theatres through- out the country for seven consecutive years (1972 to 1979). The film’s phenomenal success was due in part to the sound exhibition techniques that were advanced for their time; theatres were equipped by MacGillivray Freeman with new dynamic range speakers, powerful amplifiers and a “double-system” projection to offer audiences a sound quality previously unheard in film theatres. The film set commercial theatre house records in almost every location.

“We were silenced in disbelief ... dazzled ... stunned ... the audience went crazy. Now I knew what everyone had waited for.”
—Rolling Stone Magazine